HP Ink Cartridge - No 70 - 130ml - Magenta With Vivera Ink

HP Ink Cartridge - No 70 - 130ml - Magenta With Vivera Ink

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Features & Benefits

  • HP Vivera pigment ink is specifically engineered to deliver consistent results every time you print. Carefully selected ultra-pure pigments and exclusive ink formulation technology ensure that pigment particles remain evenly dispersed and ink flows freely. This prevents settling and clumping of particles that can clog print head nozzles and cause inconsistent print quality. HP Vivera pigment ink takes the hassle out of getting brilliant, vivid color-that you can repeat-print after print.
  • HP 70 Ink Cartridges are designed for reliable, cost-effective printing. When it’s time to replace a cartridge, individually replaceable ink cartridges allow for economical replacement of only the cartridge that is out. HP also offers Ink Cartridge Twin Packs-2 ink cartridges of the same color-for additional savings and convenience. HP large format printing supplies are designed to provide an excellent value for your high-volume printing needs.
  • HP Vivera pigment ink and HP's broad portfolio of photo, fine-art and proofing media have been designed together to do the job right. More than 80 tests may be conducted on the print attributes of the ink and media to ensure the highest-quality results possible. You get color accuracy and consistency you can count on. So you can skip the waste and rework.
  • Unique HP Vivera pigment inks are formulated through a process of rigorous testing. Ink chemists typically design up to 1000 prototype ink formulations that are subjected to hundreds of tests to see how the ink interacts with the cartridge, the printer and the media. For example, all HP inks are subjected to more than 20 tests for purity to prevent problems that degrade image quality such as microscopic contaminants that can clog print head nozzles.
  • The HP Design jet printing system-printers, ink cartridges, print heads and media-is designed, engineered and tested to work with precision. Reliable operation saves time, improves productivity and lowers overall printing costs. Original HP printing supplies are the true value.

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