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Unburden your organization and team completely in terms of ICT product purchasing and management

Are the following operational ICT challenges causing you to lose sleep?

  • Various departments all order from different suppliers separately. How do I easily keep track of the budget and administration?
  • I get devices from regular web stores. Although they're delivered quickly, they aren't always in line with our company and security policies, causing additional internal questions and delays. How can I resolve this?
  • How can I keep the number of different technologies, brands, etc. under control, so that our ICT people can continue to service all this equipment?
  • How can I continuously keep up with all these new technologies, brands, articles, etc.?
  • How can I always be sure that we are paying the right prices for our own ICT products in line with the market?
  • How can I provide enough replacement parts and devices without wasting money on too much stock that may become outdated?
  • ...

We offer full support for these issues. Our Rstore is the perfect channel for this, among other things.

Rstore is your store. Welcome!

Rstore is an online store and a customer tool. Today, Rstore already provides your organization and team with access to:

A broad, up-to-date range of professional technologies, brands, services and comprehensive solutions

  • Up-to-date expertise in over 150 professional technologies, more than 60 brands and 15 distinct product domains (read, not just everyday consumer products)
  • Partner of choice for the top international tech brands and holder of the highest certifications in the market
  • Comprehensive, as-a-service solutions that give your organization and team complete peace of mind with products such as printing solutions, device-as-a-service, surface hub-as-a-service  and workstation-as-a-service

A single, immediately accessible, central location for all (administration of) your ICT orders

  • A single point of contact to place all your ICT orders
  • A single location for access to your entire history of quotes and orders at all times, without needing to wait for emails or phone calls

An offer that is easy to find and to order

  • A website that makes it easy for you to find and order the products you are looking for in no time
    • Our quick search function at the top to find products using direct search terms
    • Our quick search slider, arranged according to specific product categories
    • Our search module with more detailed search and filter options
  • You choose which rights are allocated to which users and who has to follow which procedures.
    • This allows you to stay firmly in control of who can place orders and what they order.
  • Place orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    • You can immediately see whether the product is in stock. If the product is in stock, it will be delivered within three days of your confirmed order. If not, you will receive an estimated time of arrival (ETA) provided by our distributors and set by our vendors.
    • Enter your invoicing and delivery addresses just once and then select the appropriate address yourself.
    • Track your delivery with our up-to-date track & trace functions.

Readymade inspiration

  • Click the "new releases" button in the quick search slider & discover all the relevant newreleases
  • Click on the promotions box on the homepage & discover all of our promotions
  • Scroll down the homepage to discover all of our bestsellers.
  • Click to register for our regular product & licensing flash mails or on the “latest news” section for our most recent blog posts, facts, etc.

In addition to our widely accessible Rstore, we can also efficiently set up your own Rstore (MyRstore) and as such, create your own internal ICT store fully adapted to your needs and budget. Would you like more information on this? 

Rstore is part of a bigger picture

Rstore is only one link in a larger value chain for our customers. In the end, it is all about organizations and people and how we can make a difference in their business, careers and lives with ICT.

Today, the Rstore team also offers you the best services and comprehensive solutions to give your organization and team complete peace of mind with regards to the workplace and your ICT infrastructure.

All hardware, software licenses and services to give your team the best workplace

More info

All technologies and services you need to keep your ICT infrastructure continuously up and running

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How we work together is up to you.

Different organizations, people and moments come with different needs. We work together with our customers the way they want us to: from more basic support to a fully integrated role.

Would you like more information  on our various collaborative models and extra services? 

Rstore, proudly supported by Realdolmen

Rstore is an innovative product from Realdolmen, one of the largest independent ICT experts in Belgium. With approximately 1,250 highly qualified employees, we provide strategic, tactical and operational ICT solutions to over 1,000 customers throughout the Benelux.

We strive to make ICT human again, to make the most of your employees’ and your organization’s potential in every collaboration we participate in. We are proud of our motto and we give it everything we got: ‘To get there, together’.

Help us to help CLOSE THE GAP

Unfortunately, ICT products are becoming obsolete faster and faster, causing them to be discarded while they are still perfectly usable for general IT purposes. Sustainability also means we need to deal with this in a clever way. 

The organization Close the Gap helps us with that. It collects used ICT equipment from donors and refurbishes it in support of international education and development projects free of charge. This helps people who would normally not have this opportunity to acquire computer skills.

As we are a strategic partner of Close the Gap, it is also very easy for our customers to contribute and increase their own level of sustainability & ethical options.

We can take care of all the logistics if you want to donate hardware. We hope you will join us in this endeavor, which we think makes sense on all levels: it is sustainable, ethical and environmentally sound!

How can you help? If you wish to donate ICT equipment to Close the Gap Click here.

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